Warner Grand Theatre Embark on New Venture

“The size of the stage and the grandeur of the Theatre make this a very attractive opportunity for our students who are accustomed to performing in our College’s auditorium,” says Marymount College President Dr. Michael Brophy.
Joining in the success of San Pedro’s Art Walk, held on the first Thursday of every month, Marymount Professor Lee Raby and her student jazz ensemble will perform at the Annex.
“Marymount's presence means so much for downtown San Pedro,” says Liz Schindler Johnson, Executive Director of the Grand Vision Foundation. “Downtown San Pedro has so many of the elements of a college town - artists, creative, converted storefronts, cafes, art galleries, an incredible movie palace but we've been missing the college students.  We think this is a great match for everyone. With our business improvement district, the trees are trimmed, the streets are clean, the landscaping is better than ever. Students are just what our local business community needs to energize our quaint and historic town, says Schindler Johnson.
Professor Paul Eastup, chairman, Arts & Media Division for the college, remarking on the student participation in their initial First Thursday, “It was truly exciting Thursday evening seeing Marymount at the Annex.  My students were so revved up to have discovered First Thursdays and to have the feeling of being part of it all. They all look forward to being there again and again.”