September 29, 2011

Marymount College Invited to Develop Northern California Extension Campus

Marymount College President Michael S. Brophy, PhD, MFA announced the college’s receipt of an invitation to establish an educational campus in Lucerne, located in Lake County, California. Responding to a request for a proposal, the college was selected by the County of Lake Redevelopment Agency to further develop plans for an academic campus at the historic Lucerne Hotel. The new college location, proposed to serve local residents as well as students from the U.S. and abroad, would be a joint effort of Marymount College and the redevelopment agency and is potentially operational in fall 2013.

“We are very excited about the shared vision we have with Marymount College for establishing a quality educational campus at the Lucerne Hotel, “ said Kelly Cox, County of Lake Redevelopment Agency executive director and county administrative officer. “We believe the college’s proposal could be an ideal fit for Lake County and a win-win for the college and the community,” said Cox.

“This location will serve students interested in community development and renewal, Native American communities, Veteran’s issues, agricultural studies, environmental rehabilitation, travel and tourism and recreational innovation, “ said President Brophy. read press release

September 26, 2011

Operation Pedro Pan

Tuesday, October 25, 7 p.m.
Chapel, Main Campus

Operation Pedro Pan: The clandestine exodus of 14,048 Cuban Children

Operation Pedro Pan began in December of 1960 and ended in October of 1962, when the Cuban missile crisis terminated flights between Cuba and the U.S. It consisted of two components: the clandestine network for getting the minor children out of Cuba – Pedro Pan, and under the auspices of the Catholic Welfare Bureau of Miami the Unaccompanied Cuban Children’s Program responsible for the care of the children after they arrived in Miami.

Oscar Pichardo a local resident and a Pedro Pan child offers a historical perspective to the stark realities faced by Cuban parents in making the decision to save their children from communist indoctrination by sending them to the United States.

Marymount Students visit Thailand

September 20, 2011

Ito Matsuura Film Series Fall 2011

“The Dynamiter,” the second film in the Ito/Matsuura Film Series, plays Wednesday, Oct. 5th 7 pm at the Warner Grand Theatre. The director will be in attendance for a Q & A. 

“Littlerock” - Wednesday, September 21st
7 pm at the historic Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro, CA.

Director: Mike Ott will be here in person to introduce the film and
stay for a Q & A  after. This film has won numerous awards world wide and just opened in Chicago and New York. 

Two young Japanese tourists, brother and sister,  get stuck in the town of Littlerock, California on their way to see the Japanese internment camps that were set up during World War II.  The film sensitively details their interaction with American small town culture and their sense of being out of place in American society.

September 19, 2011

Marymount President to Speak to Philippine Catholic Schools at Annual Convention

Marymount College President Michael S. Brophy, PhD, MFA is presenting to the annual national convention of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines on Sept. 22 in Davao City. Attending the convention are more than 2,500 school officials from 1,365 Catholic schools.

The convention’s theme is “Building a Culture a Peace: Shaping the Vision, Living the Dream.” The conference attracts K-12 educators and focuses on themes that include respect for life, nonviolence, solidarity, human rights and dignity, respect for diversity, economic equality, gender fairness and environmental care and sustainability.

Within a forum for new programs and research in higher education, Dr. Brophy will be presenting “The Marymount College Experience.” His remarks will include thoughts on developing holistic students who incorporate leadership and service as they academically prepare for college.

In his remarks, Dr. Brophy will speak of Marymount College’s commitment to honor its founding orders’ mission “to serve others so that all may have life” and will provide the strategies that foster a learning environment where students are challenged to pursue lives of leadership and service.

read press release

September 15, 2011

Water Resources Vice-Chair Discusses California Water Challenges

Vice-Chair of the California State Water Control Resources Board, Frances Spivy-Weber, visited Marymount College's Waterfront Campus on September 9. Invited by Professor Armond Aghakhanian, Weber joined Marymount's Economy 302 to discuss the water system in California. Weber explained the challenges California faces with water and the many options that people in California have to conserve water but do not realize. read more