September 19, 2011

Marymount President to Speak to Philippine Catholic Schools at Annual Convention

Marymount College President Michael S. Brophy, PhD, MFA is presenting to the annual national convention of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines on Sept. 22 in Davao City. Attending the convention are more than 2,500 school officials from 1,365 Catholic schools.

The convention’s theme is “Building a Culture a Peace: Shaping the Vision, Living the Dream.” The conference attracts K-12 educators and focuses on themes that include respect for life, nonviolence, solidarity, human rights and dignity, respect for diversity, economic equality, gender fairness and environmental care and sustainability.

Within a forum for new programs and research in higher education, Dr. Brophy will be presenting “The Marymount College Experience.” His remarks will include thoughts on developing holistic students who incorporate leadership and service as they academically prepare for college.

In his remarks, Dr. Brophy will speak of Marymount College’s commitment to honor its founding orders’ mission “to serve others so that all may have life” and will provide the strategies that foster a learning environment where students are challenged to pursue lives of leadership and service.

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