October 10, 2009

Reading to Kids in LA

On Saturday October 10th MOVE and PTK members, as well as Faculty and Staff volunteered at Magnolia and Politi elementary schools. The morning started out with a light breakfast, and a small introduction to the program. After that, volunteers were paired-up and sent to meet with their reading groups. The children ranged from kinder garden to fifth grade and all were equally excited to read spooky stories in regards to the upcoming holiday. Along with the stories the volunteers presented craft time, this allowed the children to comprehensively take something from the story that they enjoyed and physically make it. Some children made goblin masks, while others painted pictures. When small group time had ended, all of the children and volunteers joined together in the auditorium for a Magic Show. The excitement from the children filled the room, this day was an obvious success.
After the volunteering, Marymount Volunteers headed to the Original Farmers Market, located next to the Grove in LA. While there, students were able to experience a variety of cultural foods for lunch.
Reading to Kids was a great success with over 45 volunteers and hundreds of smiling faces :)

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