October 01, 2010

Marymount's Family Weekend - Fall 2010

Study travel options    
Is your student interested in a study-abroad opportunity?  Marymount has some great ones!  This session will focus on the opportunities Marymount provides for students to study at Regent’s College in London.  Dr. David Draper, faculty coordinator of the Regent’s program, will share a slide show highlighting the experience of students who recently participated in the summer or fall programs.  Dr. Ghada Masri, professor of Global Studies, will discuss other study abroad options that are currently being developed.
Service Learning
Coordinator of Service Learning, Susan Garman, will be joined by students who have participated in our new Service Learning programs.  All freshmen students are participating in a Service Learning program during their first semester and this session will help participants gain insight into the importance of this College program.
Advising and Career Services
Learn the steps students must take to earn a degree at Marymount College.  Key questions such as “What if I don’t know what my major is?” and “Which degree is right for me?” will be addressed, in the context of developing an Education Plan.  This fall, first-year students will begin developing their Education Plans in their ID 117 class.  Students and parents are invited to join this session to gain a better understanding of this important advising process.
Exciting New majors
Highlighting opportunities for study in our new BA programs, faculty members, Dr. Rex Draman, from the Business Department, and Dr. Duncan Earle, a professor of Global Studies,  will lead this session focusing on trends in Business education and our global world.

Marymount Advantage 
Learn about Marymount’s innovative co-curricular graduation requirement where students’ classroom learning is enhanced by out of the classroom activities.  This session will be led by Dean of Students Shane Armstrong.
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