February 24, 2011

Marymount helps restore and preserve natural habitat!

A big thanks to all those who volunteered yesterday at the White Point Nature Preserve!  Weeding and sorting seeds may not seem like world-changing tasks, but just as delivering a college education requires all sorts of different efforts in combination, so does restoring habitat.  The faculty and staff combined efforts in supporting our students at Marymount and results in significant benefits for the students, and our work. In restoring habitat at White Point benefits both the creatures that can now inhabit the site, and the many people who enjoy it.

In a world becoming increasingly homogenized, it's important for us to value what is unique in each or our students, and in ourselves.  By the same token, we should value what is unique in the world around us.  For those who are interested, the attached document provides a brief overview of the factors that have made White Point and the Palos Verdes Peninsula a special place.

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