May 13, 2012

Marymount College Sets Date to Commence RPV Campus Improvements

The Marymount College Board of Trustees has set May 16 as the date Marymount College will “put shovels into the earth” to begin its campus modernization construction. This initial construction, to occur when the majority of students are on summer break, will include utility and other infrastructure improvements and a new parking lot that will add approximately 120 parking spaces to the campus. The college is also expecting to begin work this summer on its new athletic field, which is being relocated to make room for the new parking lot.

“Faculty and staff are excited about the much-anticipated improvements,” said Marymount College President Michael Brophy. “This is the first step in the process, and we are looking forward to serving our students and our community with superior facilities,” said Dr. Brophy.

Joining Dr. Brophy and community leaders at the 4 p.m. groundbreaking ceremony will be former college president Thomas McFadden. Dr. McFadden will be recognized for the campus modernization initiatives he launched in 1996 that are now coming to fruition.   read full article

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