October 31, 2012

Welcome to Marymount College! Lake County Celebrates Education Partnership

Lake County News

LUCERNE, Calif. – History, fate and misfortune had kept the grand old Lucerne Hotel waiting for more than 80 years, but its glory finally returned Tuesday.

Dr. Michael Brophy, president of Marymount College, stood before more than 100 community members in the lobby of the building, and said, “Good evening, and welcome to Marymount College … and The Castle,” receiving an enthusiastic round of applause.

On Tuesday evening Marymount College and the county of Lake hosted a celebration of the signing of the 15-year lease for the building, unanimously approved by both the Board of Supervisors and the college’s board of trustees.

The lease’s signing formalizes the partnership between the college and county that has been more than a year in the making, following the county’s 2010 purchase of the building from a church group that owned it.

The words “unique,” “historic” and “transformational” would be used throughout the evening by a number of county and college officials, but as Board of Supervisors Chair Rob Brown pointed out, those sentiments can’t be overused when it comes to the importance of Marymount’s arrival.

The building may not have had much of a future had it not been for the college. “To be able to save this building and use it for this purpose is an amazing commitment by our county,” said Brown.

The evening also would highlight the vision of the two men who made the partnership possible – Brophy and retired County Administrative Officer Kelly Cox.

Both Cox and Brophy were hailed for seeing an opportunity to educate, inspire and help others...

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