May 03, 2013

Ghana Exchange Program

The Rev. Professor Samuel K. Adjepong of Accra, Ghana, visited Marymount California University where he signed an agreement with MCU President Dr. Michael Brophy for the two campuses to offer a student and faculty exchange program. Students from Marymount’s campuses will have an opportunity to learn about such diverse topics as African Studies, Global Information Systems, Business and Psychology as well as participate in research related to land and resource management. In return, Methodist University College of Ghana students will have the opportunity to attend classes at Marymount.

Dr.  Adjepong addressed campus leaders with a lecture “Tertiary Education System in Ghana.” President Brophy visited Ghana in 2012 to learn about this rapidly growing university. Marymount first learned of the incredible work led by Dr.  Adjepong through Craig and Loren DeRoy of the Medeem Institute at Marymount. It is expected that the first MCU students to study in Ghana will be in 2013-14.

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