September 04, 2012

Marymount College Gallery Features Award Winning Video Artist

There is No Why, a gallery show showcasing the video art of Xiaowen Zhu, is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday until September 25 at The Arcade Gallery, 479 West 6th Street, San Pedro.

An emerging artist, this is Zhu’s first solo exhibition. Zhu, the recipient of the Syracuse University Ginsburg Fellowship, presented to exceptional young artists, is featuring videos from five countries and three continents that she created during the past four years.

The content ranges from performance, highly manipulated abstraction, interpretive narrative, and experimental documentary. In these works Zhu communicates the complicated experience of being an international artist. She asks if the concept of home is possible outside of the geographical context, and wrestles with the notion of a disembodied identity. Zhu accomplishes this by invoking the destabilizing and reality-shifting laws of the internet: a space without time or physicality.

The Arcade Gallery, located in historic downtown San Pedro Arts and Entertainment District, the Port of Los Angeles, is a fixed exhibition venue of Marymount College. It offers students fully equipped facilities to exhibit their work in a variety of media. Dedicated to the connection between art and education, the gallery also presents work from celebrated and emerging artists, curated by either faculty or students of the Division of Arts &Media at Marymount College.

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