November 03, 2011

Marymount Students visit the Tim Burton Show at LACMA!

Tim Burton Show at LACMA, All were welcome! October 20th we packed up the bus and drove to LACMA. It was a great show for all of us... music, film, design, 2 and 3-D computer graphics, drawing, painting, costumes, sculpture, model building, animation, even regular art...whatever that is? He does it all. Show includes... music, Danny Elfman, directed by Tim Burton, films like Sleepy Hallow, PeeWee’s Big Adventure, Big Fish, Edward Sissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Check out these sites:

Watch“Vincent” in full screen
Website featuring, “Stain Boy”

Trip organized by Gary Martin, Pat Kelly, Blue Wade, Lee Raby, the Art and Media group.

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