November 07, 2011

Tattoos on the Heart - Fr. Boyle Visits Marymount

Fr. Gregory Boyle, author of Tattoos on the Heart and founder of Homeboy Industries, the biggest non-profit gang rehabilitation in the country.

Honored as one of the city's leading visionaries responsible for changing the face of Los Angeles, Father Boyle has received numerous accolades and recognitions on behalf of Homeboy Industries and for his work with former gang members. He will be inducted into the California Hall of Fame this coming December.

Over the past 20 years, Father Boyle has buried more than 165 young people whose lives were cut short as a result of gang violence. Wanting to do more than just conduct funerals he founded Homeboy Industries, a safe haven where former gang members and the currently incarcerated can be reintroduced to society and become contributing members in search of counseling, high school degrees and free tattoo removal. But that's not all.

"You ask any gang member in the United States of America, 'name one thing that would help you,' - you wouldn't find a gang member who said anything other than a job," says Father Boyle. Unable to convince employers to hire former gang members, Father Boyle decided to open up a business. Today, Homeboy Industries owns its own bakery, cafe, gift shop and printing business, all run by former gang members, with profits going to benefit the program. 

November 11, 2011 - The College presented our most successful program ever when more than 600 people attended Father Boyle’s inspiring testimonial at the Warner Theatre in San Pedro.  This program was a great achievement, as it spoke of our Catholic mission, community outreach and curricular work. It was amazing to look out across the audience to the many constituencies that we serve and those that have embraced the new Marymount College!  - President Brophy

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