February 12, 2013

First Thursday in San Pedro

On February 7th, The First Thursday was held in San Pedro. First Thursday is a unique event in historic downtown San Pedro, when many of the restaurants, businesses, art galleries and studios stay open late. Marymount's Jazz ensemble had a wonderful performance on stage, as well as a few other student musicians. Everyone was impressed by the talent of these students and the people that came to visit had an awesome time.

There was also an art exhibit held at the Arcade Gallery, which was organized by students Andres Enriquez Ramirez and Ebony Perry. It showcased a collaboration of students expressing their own definitions of "True Love" on the wall. Many people were amazed at how stunning the piece turned out to be, and students were thrilled to have been able contribute to the creative piece.

In addition, two videos were on display at the Gallery by students, Xiaowen Zhu and Junekyu Park. One was a very unique three-channel video piece titled. "Distance Between" and the other one was an interesting video called "Beauty Evaporates".

 Everyone had a great time at the First Thursday event! Check out photos from the event: View Slideshow

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