February 05, 2013

Kick Off the Commons!

The number one request among Marymount students for several years has been to have a designated group study space. Between the constantly crowded library and Learning Center, students were left with minimal group designated areas. The idea of the Commons area was designed with every students' needs in mind as well as the idea of collaborative learning. Located in the former auditorium building, the Commons opened up to the students last week with a kick off reception.

The Commons is an extraordinary space, designed specifically for the new generation of technologically savvy students. High-speed wireless Internet, mobile tables and chairs, wireless printing as well as a bank of lockers with charging stations inside, this new space provides the ideal environment for students to collaborate and succeed.

Marymount students were overjoyed at the idea of this new space. Emily Rajcic, class of 2015, said "the new learning space will be an incredibly important addition to Marymount. My classmates and I will be able to study in a comfortable environment that allows us to easily focus on our studies, finally making it possible to study in groups without being told to be quiet or to find some random space on campus to study. We cannot wait until it is finished!"

The kick off reception for the new area was a huge success, and many came out to see the new space and cannot wait to use it for themselves. View the Reception Kick-Off slideshow: http://albums.phanfare.com/slideshow.aspx?i=1&db=1&pw=enj72uFu&a_id=5936111

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