November 15, 2010

Geo Trippin'

Story and photos by Terika Kons
Geo Trippin’... no it’s not the latest dance move... it’s not the newest model small car… it is a geography class... a three-day... on the road, geography class to be specific! This field study 1 unit course is taught by Marymount’s Assistant Professor of Geography, Sharon Johnson.

GEO 108 is a three day lab offered to students who opt for hands-on learning in the field that supplements what students are learning in classroom lectures. It’s geography “by the boot” not just “by the book”. The class/road trip consists of a caravan of students, volunteer drivers, Sharon and lots of maps, snacks, and walkie-talkie jokes.

The trip includes visits to the Owens and Death Valleys, the Sierra Nevada and San Gabriel Mountains and more than twenty stops in between. All in three days!

Sharon has been hosting these labs for 20 years and each year she perfects the trip even more. Students are so fascinated by the trips that many of them come back and volunteer year after year. Students not only get to see some of the most extreme conditions in California first hand, they get both geography and history lessons along the way including a stop at the WWII Manzanar Relocation Camp. GEO 108 gives students a creative and innovative reason to like learning again!

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