November 05, 2010

HOMEWALK2010 Make a Difference! Walk to End Homelessness!

Marymount College is participating in Homewalk2010, a Unite Way sponsored event. We have over 50 walkers so far... 

The 5K (3.2 mile) walk takes place Saturday, November 13 in Exposition Park (near USC) beginning at 9:00 am. If you are interested in more information about the walk, please call 310.303.7239 or email  If you are not able to participate in the walk, please think about supporting our efforts with a donation. To donate go to

Your help and support are greatly appreciated. Thank you!!


Thank you for all your support in making HomeWalk 2010 a success.  The Marymount College Team was almost 80 walkers strong (68 students, 4 faculty/staff, and 6 family/friends).  So far, Marymount College has raised almost $3000 in helping to end homelessness.  Special mention to fellow walker Darren Hall. Darren individually raised $500.

If you would like to donate, there’s still time.

You can donate to the Marymount College general fund or to one of the registered walkers (listed via the link).  Your help and support are greatly appreciated.

Finally, a special “Thank You!” to Susan Garman, Greg Narleski, Alyse Intagliata, Darren Hall, Elizabeth Nicolello, Adrienne Sanchez, and Audra Platz for their support both before and during the Walk.

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