November 19, 2010

Marymount College Soccer Banquet

Marymount Soccer Teams celebrated the end of the season with a banquet at the Los Verdes Golf Club on Nov. 19th. Families, staff, coaches and the players had a great meal and celebrated the inaugural NAIA season. The coach, Ben Graham handed out awards and thanked the staff, families and the players for making this a memorable season. Below is our award winners, if you see them on campus make sure you congratulate them on their hard work and dedication.
Left to Right: Jay Lambert-Player of the Year, Michelle Granillo-Player’s Player of the Year
Scott Smith-Player’s Player of the Year, Andrea Poeschel- Player of the Year

I would personally like to recognize the efforts of everyone on campus for helping make this first season a success.

It has truly been a team effort. Thank you!
Go Mariners!!

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