November 30, 2010

Mike Grimshaw continues supporting business opportunities

Mike Grimshaw, faculty member of Marymount College supports student lead business lecture. Grimshaw and his dedication to Marymount's business department has also been featured in Peninsula People Magazine. read more

We are looking to provide a business incubator for Marymount Students, Staff & Faculty to be able to come and develop any entrepreneurial venture they would like to create, says Grimshaw.

We plan on running this in room C203 on Mondays after 4pm starting in the Spring 2011 semester.  We will provide coaching, mentoring, development, feasibility, business plans, how to's on marketing, financing, structure, etc for early stage business ideas...there will be no charge and I will be the advisor and faculty working with entrepreneurs and my students.

This is exciting and we are looking forward to helping Marymount create some phenomenal businesses.

left to right: Frank Sanchez, Stefnie Huth, Ryan Haase, Paul Quach and Mike Grimshaw

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  1. Mike is a great professor and his students love working with him on all of the projects that he assigns.